Recycle your used cooking oil

Free collection of used cooking oil
in the Southampton area

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Any amount - no matter how small

We offer a friendly and reliable local collection service from commercial or domestic premises.

Oil can be collected in the containers it originally came in, or we can provide free plastic barrels if you prefer.

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Why Us?

Local recycling

Unlike the large commercial collectors, the used oil won't be shipped across the UK, but instead recycled right here in Southampton.

In your time

We can collect weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Or you can just give us a ring or email when you're ready. We're local, and always available.

Waste Transfer Notes

Used cooking oil must be correctly disposed of so Waste Transfer Notes will be provided for you to prove your Duty Of Care to Environmental Health. If you've had an inspection and oil disposal is one of the issues they have flagged, you're certainly not the first - call us, we can help!

No contracts

We don't supply oil, so won't try and tie you into a supply contract. If you're paying more than £16-£17 for 20l of vegetable oil, you're almost certainly buying it from the large national chain operating in Southampton. By using us to collect your waste oil, you are free to use a cash-and-carry like Costco, or a smaller local catering supplier.


Ours is a non-profit making organisation that has supported local recycling since 2008.

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Regrettably, due to a change of circumstances, we are currently unable to commit to new collections.